Is God Dead?

How was that for a title? Did I get your attention? There’s a great movie out now called “God’s Not Dead” (available at Lighthouse of course), but awhile back I heard someone  ask “Would it matter if God were dead?”

For some reason I seem to keep coming back to that question off and on. I toss it around in my mind awhile and then forget about it until something causes it to come back up. What the person, whoever it was, meant was not that they believed God could actually die, but would our lives look any different if He did. Would this hypothetical death of God cause anytihng to change? Would we even notice that God had died?

The question was originally brought up in the context of our churches and the speaker asked what has your church done lately that can only be attributed to the power of God?But I asked myself that same question. What has God done through me lately or ever for that matter that can only be attributed to God’s power? What has He done through you? I’ll say that I couldn’t go a day without  God when in all honesty I probably go most days without Him. He is always there of course, but I mean living by my own power instead of His. I mean sure I pray and read my bible and think about God but I live most days without allowing God to do anything through me because I can do it on my own. I do realize that I wouldn’t even be breathing were it not for God, but I’m referring to the specific things that, as a Christian, God desires to do through my life for Him. As I’ve thought about this question I look back to the people in the bible and can see things God did through them that can only be attributed to God. David killing Goliath, Joshua versus Jericho, Moses and all the Red Sea. I wonder if I were Moses and I had come up to the sea with the Egyptians chasing me if I’d have trusted God or if I would have been at the shore with a bucket trying to make my own path across. “Quick everyone grab a  bucket and start tossing the water out!”

How about we make it more practical so we don’t get stuck on big miraculous kinds of things like parting the Red Sea. How about that person in your life that you just can’t forgive because they hurt you too much? God can. So why not let Him? What about that thing God is calling you to do but you are waiting until you can work out all the details? How about following God and trusting Him to work it out? Let’s imagine the story of Noah and the Ark if Noah were to act like most of us do.

God : Noah, I want you to build an Ark.

Noah : Ummm what’s an Ark?

God : It’s a big boat.

Noah : But if you haven’t noticed it’s pretty dry around here and I really don’t have much use for a big boat, let alone a little boat.

God : You will. I’m going to flood the earth and that Ark will be the only thing to save you and your family.

Noah : Oh then I guess maybe I should build a boat.

God : Duh you think. (God might not say duh but I like to think He would.)

The following Sunday

Noah : Hey guys I want you all to start praying about something. I think God wants me to build an Ark

Noah’s small group : What’s an Ark? (See – no one knows what an Ark is.)

Noah : It’s a big boat and I feel like God is telling me to build one. So if you guys could pray for me for awhile to see if this is really what God is saying that would be great.

Two months later

Noah : You know I still feel like God wants me to build an Ark.

Joan (Noah’s wife’s name of course) : You do huh. Well I hope you build Him an Ark faster than you built me those new kitchen cabinets you promised last year.

Noah : Haha this is serious. We need to start figuring out what it is going to cost us to build an Ark. I’m not even sure where we would get gopher wood but I imagine I can find something if I google it.  We might need to pull the kids out of school so they can help too. So maybe you should do some research on homeschooling curriculums.

Joan : Homeschooling?! Are you nuts?! You’ve seen our kids right?

Noah : I don’t know maybe I’m wrong maybe it wasn’t God telling me to build a boat.

A few years later

Noah’s small group : Hey whatever happened to that boat you were going to build?

Noah : Oh nothing really. I mean I still think that might be what God wants from me but the timing just hasn’t seemed right yet. There’s so much to think about and so many things that would have to happen to make it work.

Noah’s small group : Hey come check this out. There’s water falling from the sky!


You get the point. How is God ever supposed to do anything in our lives if we constantly wait to do what He tells us until we have worked it all out on our own? It ceases to be God’s doing something through us and ends up being us doing something for God.

So what has God done in your life lately that only God could do? If you struggle, like I do, to come up with anything then maybe it’s time to stop doing things for God and instead let God do things through you.


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