It has taken us awhile, but we have finally moved into the blogosphere. I had thought of starting a blog several times over the past few years but each time I couldn’t figure out what I would possibly have to say on a regular basis that would be interesting and worthy of your time.

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“So what has changed?”, you ask. Simple. I realized the blog doesn’t have to be about what I can say that will be interesting and worthy of your time, but rather what all of us can say. Translation – Our blog will aim to be a place where conversations are started. I don’t plan on writing great articles to provide you with all the answers on a specific topic. Instead, I hope to write articles that will get you thinking, get you responding, and get all of us sharing ideas and thoughts. As Christians we all have the Holy Spirit and I believe He can and does speak to and through each of us. I promise you I don’t have any special connection to God that makes me any more of an expert than you. (Not that any of you who know me would have ever throught that anyways) So instead of writing answers I prefer to write questions. I prefer to share what I feel God is teaching me and then open it up to each of you to add on to and expound on. (Expound is a pretty big word right? I’m already getting in the blogger mindest)

So, I hope you enjoy our  blog, but most of all I hope you participate in our blog. I hope it becomes a little online Lighthouse community where we can all share what God is saying to us and what we have been learning from Him. Of course, if you can’t do it politely and lovingly then expect to see your comments blocked. But I’m confident you can handle it. 🙂

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